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22-23 Giugno 2024
Aula Maurizio Ascoli - AOUP Ospedale Policlinico

Course 2024 Neurophthalmology Palermo: Neurophthalmology update for clinicians

Neuro-ophthalmology Update for Clinicians: 2024 brings the latest scientific advances in eye movement and vision research to the “clinic”, where ophthalmologists and neurologists diagnose and treat patients with neuro-ophthalmological disorders. Emphasis is on 1) the application  and integration of the newer laboratory diagnostic techniques (e.g., video oculography, ocular coherence tomography (OCT), machine learning) into the traditional, bedside examination of patients with decreased or double vision, and 2) the remarkable advances, including gene therapy and neuroprotective agents, in treatment of the disabling disorders that affect eye movements and vision. These include demyelinating diseases such as optic neuritis and multiple sclerosis, degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, the autoimmune and genetic optic nerve and cerebellar syndromes, mitochondrial disorders, myasthenia gravis, and migraine. Participants will come away with new bedside diagnostic skills as well as the latest algorithms to successfully manage and treat their neuro-ophthalmology patients


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